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The Search Icon

The database structure of DLS allows powerful searching mechanisms. Click the Search icon on the Account Toolbar to access the search function. You can search within a DLS account for:

- Programming Options by Name

- Account Data

- Programming Options by Section Number

Search Results

Simply double-click any item in the Search Results or highlight it and select goto to be immediately forwarded to that specific location in the account.

Search for options by Option Name

Using the option name search function, DLS will locate the terms you search for from the various option descriptions. In the example at right the user selected Search for options by Option Name and searched for the word zone. This search will return all of the options containing the word zone, like zone definitions, and the various zone attributes.

Search for options by Section Number

Section Number Search

The section number search will search for a desired programming section number. For example, if you do a section number search on '401' this will return the DLS toggles section.

From the results, you can select the specific option and click goto at the bottom of the search results screen or simply double-click on the option and you will be taken directly to that section and option.