.NET v4.0 Framework migration

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DLS 5 is now designed to work with .NET 4.0 Framework. During fresh install or upgrade from previous DLS version, you will be notified that .NET 4.0 Framework is not installed and if you want DLS installer to automatically install it for you:

DotNet4 InstallationRequest.png

When you click ‘Yes’, .NET 4.0 Framework download will start:

DotNet4 InstallationStart.png

Please bear in mind that DLS installation will halt for few minutes allowing .NET 4.0 Framework to completely install. The .NET 4.0 Framework installation will take few minutes:

DotNet4 InstallationPause.png

Once .NET 4.0 Framework is installed, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 will be installed afterwards:

DotNet4 VisualCplusplusInstallation.png