Automatic Schedule Backup

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The purpose of this functionality is to provide DLS operator with an option to setup an automated process to back up the SQLite database.

The backup will take place depending on selected backup frequency. The database backup will only initiate when DLS client is launched. For example, if I choose my backup utility to execute every week then the backup utility will only run after launching DLS client which can either be after a week or later date.

DLS operator should be able to setup the scheduled database backup from Tools > Backup/Restore Database:

DLS AutomaticScheduleBackup.png
  1. Backup Folder: Select the folder where backup file will be placed or will automatically be placed for continuous backup. Manual Backup: Name the backup file and manually back it up
  2. Backup Frequency:
    1. Every Month
    2. Every Week
    3. Every Day
  3. Backup level:
    1. Continual Backup Files
      1. The automatic database backup will take place based on backup frequency selection without expiring. For example, if backup frequency is set to ‘Every Week’ and ‘Continual Backup Files’ is selected then database will backup every week without expiring.
    2. Single Backup File
      1. Database backup will be done only once when backup frequency condition is met. Afterwards, automatic backup will not run
  4. Restore Previous Backup: All the previous backup files will be available in this table. Operator can choose any file and restore it. Please note: the backup file and current DLS installation supported device must match in order to restore the previous database. The database file can only be stored on the same version it was backup on. For example, DLS 5 v1.20 backup file can only be restored on v1.20 engine.