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DLS is very different from past versions of the DLS software. Many improvements have been made and we believe the new organizational methods will make the programming of all DSC panels quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Account Explorer Vs. Start Page

The Account Explorer is the starting point for all of your actions in DLS2002. The Account Explorer allows you to Create, Edit, and Delete accounts.

The Start Page

The Start page is the main starting point for your DLS session. The Start page contains all of the various plugins which allow you to perform the various functions of DLS.

The Start page itself has no real function other than to house the various plugins for the DLS software. The plug-ins are located along the left-hand side of the screen, with the area to the right being used to view the content of the selected plug-in. These areas may be resized by selecting the border between the two and dragging it in either direction.

If you close the 'Start Page' tab, you may select the 'Start Page' option from the 'View' menu to re-open it.

Queued Communications

The Active Communications screen showing queued communications

DLS now incorporates queued communications.

Before, DLS 2002 would only let you communicate with a single panel at a time, and you still had to wait until the communication was complete before you could do any more work.

DLS now gives you the ability to queue multiple uploads or downloads, with multiple panels using different communication types. For example, you can start an upload for an 1832 panel using a modem, but unlike DLS 2002 where you couldn't do anything until it finished the upload, you can now go to another account and select a download with a TL-250 for it. DLS will put the download into a queue, so when the upload of the first panel is finished, the queue will look at the next operation, which would be the download, and would then start.

To view all of the current pending communications, go to the 'Start Page' and click on the 'Active Communications' plug-in.

Account Workfile

The account workfiles in previous version of DLS have been laid out in a manner similar to the programming worksheets that you get with your panel. All sections were in numerical order and each option is shown as it is in the programming worksheets. In DLS we've taken a more logical approach to workfile layout. The sections are organized by topic instead of numerically. This means that if you want to program your communications options, you can do it all in one area; if you want to program your zones you don't have to jump back and forth between sections, it's all in one place.

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