DLS Auto-Updater Troubles

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Error - "Error Downloading"

There has been a problem during the download of the list of available updates. This means that your PC is able to contact DSC's FTP server, but is unable to retrieve files.

This may be caused by:

  1. an obsolete version of the DLS Auto-Updater. If your version of the DLS Auto-Updater is far outdated, it may not understand the contents of the file list that is being downloaded. Please visit the DSC website to obtain a copy of the latest DLS Auto-Updater. Uninstall the outdated version manually via the Windows Control Panel, and install the latest version.
  2. a temporary problem on DSC's FTP server, such as high traffic, maximum # of users connected, or a brief outage. Try downloading updates again in a few minutes.
  3. a corrupt installation of the DLS Auto-Updater. If you have never connected successfully with the DLS Auto-Updater, it is possible that the installation is corrupt. Please try uninstalling the DLS Auto-Updater and re-install. Try to reduce the number of open programs during the installation process.

Error - "Cannot Connect to Server"

The DLS Updater cannot successfully contact DSC's server. The Updater uses the FTP protocol to retrieve updates. Please ensure that your PC is connected to the internet and your network is configured to allow FTP connections. Check the following:

  1. PC is connected to the internet
  2. PC's firewall allows outgoing FTP connections
  3. network is configured to allow FTP connections. Check with your IT specialist if required.