Firewall Friendly Connection Setup: Panel Programming

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Firewall Friendly Setup Instructions

The Firewall Friendly programming can be done for any of the four Integration Sessions of the communicator. For Session 1, follow the section numbers below. For Session 2-4, please consult the PowerSeries Pro Installation Manual for the appropriate section numbers.

Panel Programming:

Enter Section [851] and then enter sub-sections below:

  1. [424] [11111111*]
  2. [425] [enable toggle options 3 and 5]
  3. [426] [enable toggle options 3 and 5]
  4. [427] [00010]
  5. [428] []
  6. [429] [01303]
  7. [430] [03073]
  8. [432] [03070]
  9. [433] [03071]

If this panel programming is being done through the DLS interface, follow the steps below:

Click the 'Networks' section to access the IP and Cellular programming sections of the PowerSeries Pro panel
Click the dropdown button to the left of 'Integration Sessions' to access the panel programming sections for Firewall Friendly
Double click the '1' (or any other Integration Session Number' to open a pop-out box where you can edit the options for that session
Configure the options as shown in the screenshot above, and then download those options to the panel to complete the programming

Once these steps are complete, proceed to the Firewall Friendly Setup: DLS Configuration page for the next steps.