Firewall Friendly Connection Setup: PC Firewall Setup Instructions

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Firewall Friendly Connection Type

Firewall Friendly is a new connection type that works with PowerSeries Pro control panels. This connection type was designed to allow you to easily connect over IP to panels in the field, without the need to forward ports or make other changes to the firewall setup at the site where the panel is installed. This is especially beneficial for panels installed at sites that do not have a static IP from their Internet Service Provider, since our Firewall Friendly server will act as a DNS lookup server for the site.

PC Firewall setup:

Note: This setup will only be required the first time Firewall Friendly is used on the Server or Workstation.

Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall: Click “Advanced Settings”

Inbound Rules > New Rules
Select Port and Click Next
Make sure TCP is selected and Program “Specific Local ports” as 51004 and Click Next
Make sure Allow the connection is selected and click Next
Make sure all the check boxes are selected and Click Next
Give the new Inbound Rule a name and click Finish

Once these steps have been completed, proceed to the Firewall Friendly Connection Setup: Panel Programming page to complete the panel programming required to use the Firewall Friendly connection type.