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Removing accounts from my start page

Go to: View -> Administrator Tools -> Remove Accounts -> Check mark the accounts you want to remove then press “Remove”

Creating a New AccountCreating a New Account

Printing sections of programming from DLS 5

To print only sections of your account go to the desired programming location on DLS, select export and save the xml file to your desired location. Open the xml file with MS Excel to print that section.

Export Print Account

Labels wont show up in programming

Make sure under the account properties a pk5500/ptk5507 keypad has been added under modules.

Labels programming

Checking for troubles on my panels from DLS 5

Go under signature graphic and click Tag all statuses for upload, once the upload is complete it will indicate the status and show any troubles. (Yellow represents trouble, Red represents Alarms)

Signature Graphic

Removing Deleted Users From Login Window

Go to: C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Roaming\DSC\DLSPRO\{DLSIV-StandAlone\Workgroup} (Select the package being used) and delete "LoginConfig.bin"