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NOTE: For Security system compatability, see the list of Supported Panels

Getting Started Guides

Standalone DLS NA

Workgroup DLS NA

Standalone DLS INT

Workgroup DLS INT

End User License Agreement

DSC Software End User License Agreement

DLS Packages

  • DLS 5 Stand-alone

DLS 5 is the direct replacement for DLS package. It runs on a local machine with all the components installed within it and contains enhance GUI functionality and modified features compare to DLS. This application can be installed via EXE file which will be placed on or from the existing Auto Updater which will be deleted from the machine ones DLS 5 will be installed.

  • DLS 5 Workgroup Mode

DLS 5 Workgroup is a feature embedded on top of the existing DLS 5 platform. There are two parts of this feature: DLS 5 Workgroup Server and DLS 5 Workgroup Client. DLS 5 Workgroup Server will be installed on one machine which will act as a server to all the DLS 5 Workgroup Clients installed on different machines. The database installed on the DLS 5 Workgroup Server machine will be shared among all the DLS 5 Workgroup Clients. All the services will be installed on a server and user(s) will only install DLS 5 Workgroup Client on their machines. Maximum of eight modems will be connected to DLS 5 Workgroup Server machine and maximum of eight overall concurrent PSTN communications will be accepted at a time. 20 concurrent of each Ethernet and SMS communications can be executed with the next job going into queue. Maximum of 200 jobs combined (PSTN, Ethernet & SMS) can be queued on Workgroup Server. This product is very much similar to current DSC ES but smaller in scale and with improved installation method. The DLS 5 Workgroup Client and DLS 5 stand-alone can be installed on the same machine but only one can be run at a time. This will provide flexibility for the end user to work either online or offline.

  • DLS System Administrator

DLS 5 System Admin package is designed to be operated by non-technical end users. They will be able to manage and monitor their system but will not be able to configure/program it (no [*8] Installer programming). This package will be distributed as one NSIS EXE file and will be generic for both NA & INT markets (no separate market installation packages). As DLS, there will be two types of DLS SA packages: Stand-alone and Workgroup Mode.

  • DSC ES

This is a client-to-server application designed for medium to large businesses to house their entire remote operations in one central location. The bulk of work is pushed from the Client onto the Server. Every time Client submits communication jobs or tries to access the account(s), it gets connected to the server. No Database and Services are installed on the client machine.

Supported Operating Systems

Please review the respective solution Getting Started Guide

Unsupported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Virtual Box/VM Ware

Supported Database

Standalone/Workgroup Solution:

  • SQLite

Enterprise Client (ES) Solution:

  • SQL Server 2008

Please note: ES Installation is not compatible with SQL Server Edition version


Download the DLS 5 executable file from The DSC homepage


DLS 5 is built with the future in mind. It runs on Microsoft's powerful .NET Framework 4.0 and now using SQLite database. If you do not currently have these software packages installed, they will be installed automatically during the DLS 5 installation process.

The installation process begins once installation file is executed.

Here is a brief run-down of the installation steps:

1. Install the installation executable file from [].

2. The installation process will check for prerequisite applications (VC++ Runtime, and .NET Framwork 3.5).

3. If the .NET Framework 4.0 software is missing, it is downloaded directly from [] and automatically launched.

4. If Visual C++ Runtime components are missing, they are downloaded directly from [] and automatically launched.

Once all the prerequisites and engine files are successfully installed, DLS 5 login window will appear.

NOTE: SQLite is a light-weight database which does not require any database engine installation.