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Database Rollback

One of the main features of DLS is implementation of SQLite database. When you will upgrade from existing DLS engine which uses SQLEXPRESS database to DLS, database will be migrated to SQLite. Once the database will be migrated, old database will not be deleted from SQLEXPRESS. We intentionally leave the database in SQLEXPRESS so it will serve as a backup if something goes wrong during DLS installation and/or if migration is not successful.

If something goes wrong during installation and you do not see your accounts in DLS initiate un-installation of DLS from Start-->DSC-->DLS. During uninstall process you will be prompted to delete SQLite database. Deleting this database will not delete your SQLEXPRESS database as there is no relation between these two database. Once DLS is un-installed from your machine, re-install DLS released version and your existing SQLEXPRESS database will automatically be restored.

Please note: The above mentioned practice should be temporary. You must contact Tech Support if you encounter this problem and send your computer and DLS log files via Help-->Feedback.