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The Language Manager

What is the Language Manager?

The Language Manager allows you to manage any custom languages you create for DLS. By default the DLS software operates in English. You are able to create a custom language for DLS by translating the standard set of options and phrases. This allows certain users to operate the DLS software in a different language. To set up a user to operate in a different language, see DLS Users.

Create New Language

From the Language Manager, select the 'Create New Language' button. You are then prompted to enter a name for your new language. Once you have entered a name for the language and clicked 'ok', you will be presented with the Language Editor. You will see a long list of words and phrases in two columns. The column on the left has the untranslated phrase, and the column on the right is what you want this phrase to read in your new language. You must translate each of these phrases, or at least the relevant ones you wish to change.

Save Language

Once you have translated everything you want translated, you may save the language. In order to save everything, click on the 'save language' button on the toolbar. This will save all of the translations you have made as you see them. That's all you have to do. Once you have saved the language, you are free to assign it to any Users.

Copy Language

If you wish to copy all of the translations from one language to another you may use the copy language function. To do this, click on the language you wish to copy. Once you have selected the language, click on the 'copy language' button in the toolbar. You will then be prompted to enter a name for the language you wish to copy it to (this must be a new language, you cannot copy to an existing language). Once you enter a name for the language and click 'ok' the language manager will create a new language with the desired name, with a complete copy of all of the translations from the language you first selected.

Delete Language

If you wish to delete a language you have created,

Search for a Phrase

Type in the search box and click FILTER to filter the entire phrase database.

Note that all current changes must be saved before running a filter. This is to ensure that your edits are never lost. You will be prompted to save if there pending changes when you attempt to apply a new filter.