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Note: Information on this page is only applicable for DLS 5 v1.20 and older versions.

In order to access the permission manager, select Tools and then Permission Manager from the menu bar.

System Permissions

Tools - Permission Manager

The System Permissions tab defines access rules for user groups and their access to features with respect to administration features of the DLS software.

Account Group

This type of permission with give the user rights to Account Groups and Accounts that are part of the selected Account Group. The permissions will cascade down all sub Account Groups.

This will let you assign the various privileges (read, edit, etc.) which different user groups will have for different Account Groups

Recent Activity

This type of permission will give the user right to Recent Activity logs. By default all users can view their own logs, but you may want certain users to be able to view all logs.

Panel Option Permissions

The Permission Manager Tab

Panel option permissions defines access rules for Account Groups and Users for usage of features within an account workfile.

Secure Data

This option allows only controlled access to data within an account that is considered to have sensitive data (installer's code, downloading access code, and so on). Permissions can be set to allow or restrict the user access to these sensitive sections.


This option allows for controlled access to executing status functions (arm/disarm, bypassing zones, etc.).