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Default Role Types

Default Role Types
Default Permissions
Default Package Permission (Hardcoded)
DLS Allowed
Web SA Allowed
Full access to DLS application
Limited DLS access with full system programming permission by default
SA Administrator
Full access to Web SA application
Facility Managers
Same permission as SA Administrator except for configuring and managing connection settings in Admin Tools
HR Operators
Access only to account ‘User Management’
Access only to account ‘Dashboard’ and only view panel users in ‘User Management’

Default Login

Default DLS Login

Username: admin Password: 1234

Default Web SA Login

Username: sa administrator Password: 1234

Package Options

Default role types package selection is hardcoded by design:

PackageOptions Default.png

When admin will create or edit new operator under customized role, they will be able to select the package option for that operator:

PackageOptions Customized.png

For customized roles, both packages can be enabled at a time.

Two states of drop-down menu

  • Allowed—Access to the package
  • Not Allowed—No access to the package

For stand-alone DLS, workgroup DLS only and ES only installation, operator by default will only see following default roles:

  • Administrators
  • Operators

For workgroup DLS and ES installation with Web SA add-on installed, operator by default will only see following roles (if Web SA-add is installed or Web SA operators are enabled under 'Options':

  • Administrators
  • Operators
  • SA Administrators
  • Facility Managers
  • HR Operators
  • Guards

Role Customization

The default roles are not customizable (not reprogrammable). Operator will not be allowed to modify default role permission attributes at all. If customize permissions are required, operator must create a new customized role type.

Role types by Packages

DLS Stand-alone/Workgroup and ES

Operators will full access to ‘manage operators’ permission will be able to create and manage other operators and role types within DLS client.

Web SA Add-On

Operators with ‘manage operators’ permission will be able to create and manage operators from DLS and Web SA clients but they would only be able to add/edit role types from DLS client (pending permission). No roles types can be created from Web SA Client by operators at any level.

Stand-Alone & Workgroup Web SA

Administrator, SA Administrator and Facility Managers by default, will be able to create and manage operators but will not be able to create customized role types in Web SA packages. They will only be able to use default role types and there permission attributes.

User & Permission Management Layout

Now under tools menu, ‘Operator Maintenance’ section will be available. Previous ‘User Manager’ and ‘Permission Manager’ have been integrated into this one function:


Existing ‘User Manager’ and ‘Permission Manager’ sections shall no longer be available under ‘Tools’.

Operator Maintenance window

The data grid on this window is one-click editable. For example, to edit any entry, just click on it and you would be able to edit it.

  1. Operator: This column will list all the operators created by Administrator in DLS and Web SA. To edit any operator name, click on the name which will become editing field:
  2. Language: This column will show the language assigned to the operator. Click on this field to edit the language for particular operator.
  3. Locked: Enable/Disable operator on DLS or Web SA package.
  4. Password: To edit the operator password, click on specific operator ‘Password’ field and following window will prompt up:
    Operator can also view the entered password if ‘Hide Password’ is not selected:
  5. Expiration Time: Operator DLS login expiration time can be viewed set and edit in operator specific field. Operator should not be allowed to select any previous dates.
  6. Role: This column will show under which role operator is assigned. Operator can only be assigned to one role at a time:
  7. Groups: This column will outline the ‘Account Groups’ for which operator has permissions to work in. The ‘Account Groups’ can be added/edited in the same grid:

Please note, if an operator with administrative rights is created, this operator will still follow the account group permissions. For example, if an operator is created with administrative rights and only given access to ‘Ontario’ folder (shown above) then upon login this operator should only have access to accounts under ‘Ontario’ folder.

Add New Operator

Click ‘New Operator’:


A new entry will be created within ‘Operator Maintenance’ grid and operator will be able to add and fill user information:


Delete an Operator

Select the operator from the grid and click ‘Delete’:


Warning will be prompted and if ‘Yes’ is clicked, operator will be deleted:


Edit Operator Roles

Edit Operator Roles form can be assessed either by clicking ‘Edit Operator Roles’:


‘Edit Operator Roles’ form will be launched.

Default role types will have a pre-defined permission attributes which cannot be edited at all:


Existing Customer Permissions

Permissions have been revamped in such a fashion that it will be easier for operators to create new role types, assign permission attributes and create new operators. With new permissions flow, we have moved to one-to-one permission model (one operator assigned to one role type). It is must recommended that you revisit your permissions to make sure your desired permission configuration is still programmed and recreate if necessary.