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DLS implements the use of Tags to mark items for communication.

You can either tag an item for upload (which is indicated by the arrow pointing UP) or for download (which is indicated by the arrow pointing DOWN)

The Upload and download tags shown to the left of Zone 1 definition

Uploading retrieves information from the panel, while downloading sends information to the panel.

Rather than uploading or downloading the whole panel, you can select which sections or options you want communicated by selecting their respective tags.

By default, all tags are unselected. When you select a tag to be uploaded, the tag becomes blue. If you select a tag for download, it will become red. If you want to clear a tag, you can either click on it again, or you can select the "clear tags" icon below the main toolbar.


When you have selected all your tags, you can then click on the "communicate tags" icon on the menu bar.


Exporting Tags

By using the Export Tags feature you are able to save the tagged options and their values to an XML file. This will allow you to view the options in a spreadsheet format which is easily navigated, saved, or printed for records or future reference.

After you have tagged the section, you can select the "Export" option from the menu bar. It will then prompt you to save the file.


After saving the file, it will attempt open automatically.

Saving Tags

If you have sections tagged for communication and then close the account, the software will prompt if you would like to save them. Next time you open the account, you will be prompted to either clear the saved tags or reload them.

Tags are also saved, along with data, whenever you click SAVE in an account.

Clearing Tags

Tags will be cleared automatically when the tagged communication has been completed. It is also possible to manually clear all tags within an account by clicking Clear Tags icon in the account toolbar.

There are certain scenarios where Tags may not be cleared properly. If you experience a situation where the Tags within an account do not seem to be clearing properly after a communication job has completed, please close and re-open the account. While we strive for a perfect DLS product, we were unable to resolve some tag synchronization issues.

Viewing Tags in a Communication Job

When submitting a communication job, it is possible to review the entire list of tags that are included in that job. On the communication job submission form, click "Show Tags". A comprehensive list of the job's tags will be shown.

Note: Global jobs will not show a complete list of all included sections. Instead, the only tags that will be shown are the executable tags.

It is currently not possible to review the tags included in a communication job after it has been submitted.