What's New in DLS IV

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Queued Communications

The Active Communications screen showing queued communications

DLS IV now incorporates queued communications.

You can open several accounts, submit several communication jobs, and DLS IV will handle the rest. You can continue to work on other tasks as the DLS IV engine executes the queued jobs in the background.

The "SMS" Connection Type

The power of DSC's Integrated Communicator family is realized when using DLS IV's "SMS" connection type.

The "SMS" connection type eliminates the need to configure every site's network equipment for incoming IP connections. Instead, this connection uses the GSM path to notify the communicator to connect back to DLS IV, which will require a single port forward. That means only one port forward instead on your network instead of one port forward on every site's network.

Wireless Downloading

Use DLS IV to download wirelessly to the new Alexor product line.

In combination with the SMS connection type, the entire downloading session is completely wireless. The SMS connection type is the trigger, and the downloading session is executed over the GPRS network wirelessly to the panel. No telephone line, no ethernet cable, completely wireless.

Simultaneous Connections

The Communications Manager component of DLS IV is able to execute several jobs at once over multiple communication paths.

While a "PSTN" job is in progress, the Communications Manager will continue to work through "Ethernet/Internet" jobs, "SMS" jobs, and will even hold "Queue for Incoming" jobs in place until the modem is free.

Queue for Incoming Connection Type

DLS IV's Communication Manager makes handling incoming calls easy.

Submit a communications job as "Queue for Incoming" and let DLS IV handle it as you continue to work on other tasks. In fact, you can submit several jobs to the communications queue as "Queue for Incoming" jobs. DLS IV will answer incoming calls, capture the Panel ID of the caller, and execute the communications job that matches the Panel ID. One by one, each "Queue for Incoming" job will execute in the background without interrupting your ability to complete other tasks.

DLS Auto Updater

Get notifications of all the latest feature additions and product support and with the DLS Auto Updater.

The DLS Auto Updater will check routinely for updates on DSC's site, and will make installation a breeze. Tick the updates you'd like installed and the DLS Auto Updater will step you through the installation process.

Global Templates

There are many options that exist in the entire family of DSC products, and should be configured the exact same way every time to work for your business. DLS IV has linked these options wherever possible to create Global Templates.

Create a template with all the common options configured just the way you like. Now apply that template to any panel type in DLS IV and the results will be the same: the options in the account will be programmed and tagged for communication.