Workgroup Server Dynamic IP Support

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The purpose of this functionality is to provide a mechanism to support connection to the server using the server name instead of IP.

This functionality will be useful in installations where server IP changes dynamically so you can connect to server using server name without worrying for IP.

There will be no change in existing procedure of selecting IP or any changes in the installation.

You will install released DLS 5 v1.30 Workgroup Server. During installation, you will be prompted to select server IP from IP lists (if multiple exists). Once installation is done, you will need to run the following in either command prompt or from Start > Run if server IP is dynamic:

C:\Program Files\DSC\DLS IV\DlsInstallUtility.exe /WorkgroupModeOn

This command will detect the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server and fill it in by default. Afterwards, you can connect using the server name as long you can ping it.

Note: This will NOT replace the existing method of using a drop control with IP's, since that is still the preferred method and will work in most cases (peer-to-peer network, DNS failures, domain less networks, DMZ's). It is always a good practice to always put a server on a non-changing IP mode even when you are using DHCP.