Firewall Friendly Connection Setup: DLS Configuration

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Firewall Friendly DLS 5 Setup Instructions

Use these instructions to set up a DLS 5 account using the PowerSeries Pro panel to connect via the Firewall Friendly connection type.

DLS Connection Programming:

Add the Connection Type: Firewall Friendly to your account in DLS as seen in the screenshot below.


Select the Firewall Friendly connection type and enter: as the Firewall Friendly Server URL

Choose a method of connection (Connect Only, Global Upload, or Global Download) for the connection. Ensure that the Connection Type dropdown on the pop-up window has ‘Firewall Friendly’ selected

On the Options Tab, ensure that you have programmed the Public IP Address of the DLS PC or Server (depending on whether Standalone or Workgroup DLS 5 is used) and set the DLS Port to 51004

Click OK and DLS will start the Firewall Friendly connection