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  • Why DLS 5?: DLS 5 builds on the feature set of DLS 4 and adds several new features such as: Worksheet view, System Admin view, a signature graphic that displays your system and modules in an easy to read interface, an integrated backup utility, a DLS 2002 import utility, a more robust database and a new graphical layout.

  • Can I keep DLS 4 and DLS 5 on the same computer?: DLS 5 is the next generation of DLS 4, it does all that DLS 4 was able to do but adds more features. Installing DLS 5 will uninstall DLS 4 and import all DLS 4 accounts into DLS 5.

  • It is taking several minutes to install DLS 5 over DLS 4: DLS 5 will import all DLS 4 accounts currently in the DLS 4 database, this process takes some time and is necessary to ensure the accounts are properly backed up and imported into DLS 5.

  • If I uninstall DLS 5, will I lose my accounts?: DLS 5 will ask you if you want to keep your existing accounts or remove them. If you choose to keep your existing accounts, they will appear when you reinstall DLS 5.

  • Where is my DLS updater?: DLS 5 uses an integrated DLS updater, that means there is only one program to install. Available updates will be visible as a pop-up in the system tray, or you can check for updates with the "help" button.

  • Can I use DLS 2002 and DLS 5 on the same computer?: Yes, as long as the computer meets the minimum requirements for both softwares.

  • How do I backup my accounts?: DLS 5 has a built-in backup/restore utility in the "tools" menu that is used to backup and restore your account database. For backing up and restoring individual accounts, use the import and export buttons on the main DLS 5 screen.

  • Why am I getting a Hardware Key error?: DLS 5 uses a security feature to ensure the integrity of your customers database, if DLS detects a change in the computer that could be the result of somebody trying to access your customer database, DLS 5 will not open and must be reinstalled.

  • I am getting an error when trying to install updates, what do I do?: Updates are installed via our FTP server, if you are connected to a network that does not allow FTP access, please contact your network administrator or IT professional to allow this access.

  • Will the connection ports be different from DLS 4 to DLS 5: No, all of the default ports are the same on DLS 5.

  • My DLS 2002 accounts will not import: Please ensure your DLS 2002 accounts are compatible with DLS 5, this means: 1) They are compatible panels (Power series V4.1 and higher or SCW9047) 2) Ensure that the DLS 2002 accounts are being seen by the DLS 2002 installation, if they are not, use the "connect to folder" option on DLS 2002 to import the accounts in DLS 2002 first before importing them into DLS 5. 3) Ensure that the accounts can be opened with DLS 2002 and that no security stamp error is found, if the DLS 2002 accounts give a security stamp error when being opened with DLS 2002, enter the correct security stamp, make a change in the account and save it, you will then be able to import the account into DLS 5.

  • Can I use the Microsoft SQL database utility to backup and restore my account database? : No, DLS 5 has a built in database backup tool. It is recommended that you manually backup your database every so often in the event of a computer crash.