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Welcome to the DLS 5 Online Help Community !
DLS 5 by DSC

This wiki currently contains 67 articles, and growing fast. Check back often!

What's New in DLS 5 v1.74!

  • New Features
    • Cybersecurity update, replacement of our ftp server which is impacting the following functions within DLS:
      • Tools > Language Manager
      • Tools > Flash Wizard (local firmware update)
      • Help > Send Feedback
      • Help > Updates > Check for Updates
        • A replacement file service will be provided with user login required to gain access to the files
  • Click here for more information
  • Compatibility
    • 2 Factor Authentication driver pack now included

What's New in DLS 5 v1.73!

  • New Features
    • Restored availability of language files from the web through Language Manager
    • Enhanced cybersecurity: DLS Access code is now always force downloaded
  • Compatibility
    • DLS 5 v. 1.73 now includes the drivers for the PowerSeries Pro v1.2
    • DLS 5 v1.73 INT now includes support for v2.0 of TL405LE, 3G4005 and 3G4015

What's New in DLS 5 v1.72!

  • New Features
    • Updated .Net framework support (v4.72)
    • Enhanced cybersecurity:
      • Changing passwords or viewing the operator maintenance log will now be required to enter the existing password before being able to change it
      • Creating new accounts will now require the DLS access code to be changed to a non-default value

  • Performance Improvements
    • Improvement to the performance on a WAN
    • Signature Graphic performance improvements to be more responsive on larger systems
  • Compatibility
    • DLS 5 v. 1.72 now includes the drivers for both the PowerSeries Pro v1.1 and the PowerSeries Neo Integrated Communicators v5.42

DLS 5 V1.71 PowerSeries Neo N/non-N Local Firmware Update Hotfix

  • New Features
    • When performing firmware updates on a PowerSeries Neo system with a mix of N and non-N version keypads, the Local Firmware Update Wizard will now distinguish correctly between both types of keypads, and update them all at once.
  • Compatibility
    • This hotfix is compatible only with V1.71 of DLS 5. Installations with versions older than V1.71 should be updated to V1.71 before installing the hotfix

What's New in DLS 5 v1.71!

  • New Features
    • Enhanced CyberSecurity Features - Strong passwords enabled by default, with a warning displayed if a strong password is not used

  • Performance Improvements
    • Addressed an issue that could cause the software to become gradually less responsive due to high memory usage if the ‘Hang-up when Complete’ option was not used for the connection

  • Compatibility
    • Due to the .NET Framework V4.6 requirement, DLS 5 V1.71 is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you attempt to install DLS 5 V1.71 on an unsupported OS, or upgrade an existing DLS 5 install on Windows XP or Vista to V1.70, you will see the following error message: "Error: Operating System not Supported. You must have Windows 7 or higher to install this software. Exiting..."

What's New in DLS 5 v1.70!

  • New Features
    • Firewall Friendly Connection Type for PowerSeries Pro IP Communicators
    • Go wireless and make a DLS connection to the PowerSeries Pro panel using our new HSM3WIFI adapter
    • Communications Manager can now run as a 64-bit process

  • Additional Product Support
    • Support for PowerSeries Neo V5.3 and V5.4 communicators
    • Support for PowerSeries Pro panel, modules, and communicators

  • Hotfixes
    • Hotfix for Firewall Friendly Connection Type: Fixes issue where IP port value outside the range 0-65355 could be programmed
    • Hotfix for PowerSeries Pro Local Firmware Update: Fixes an issue where local firmware update would not work again after updating to PSP firmware V1.01

  • Compatibility
    • Due to the .NET Framework V4.6 requirement, DLS 5 V1.70 is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you attempt to install DLS 5 V1.70 on an unsupported OS, or upgrade an existing DLS 5 install on Windows XP or Vista to V1.70, you will see the following error message: "Error: Operating System not Supported. You must have Windows 7 or higher to install this software. Exiting..."

What's New in DLS 5 v1.65!

  • Additional Product Support
    • 3G2080RE V5.2
    • TL2803GRE V5.2
    • TL280RE V5.2
    • LE2080(R) / LT2080(R) V5.2
    • TL280LE (R) / TL280LT (R) V5.2

What's New in DLS 5 v1.64!

  • General Improvements
    • Account Search Improvements
    • You can now collapse the Notification in WebSA, a circle displaying the current number of notification will be displayed in the top right of the screen, when collapsed.

  • North America
    • Connect24 Communicator options are now uploadable and viewable in DLS

  • International
    • Additional Default Third Party SMS Providers: InfoBip and CLXNetworks
    • Enhanced Third Party SMS Providers support for Post/Put with JSON and XML Data
    • On Screen QR Code to send SMS via Cell Phone

  • Additional Product Support
    • LX4000/4010 v5.0

What's New in DLS 5 v1.63!

  • Main Features
    • Account List Improvements
      • Sorting by column now sorts the entire database
      • Columns positions and size will be stored for the next launch
    • Account Migration Wizard
      • Users can now migrate an account to a new panel/module type from the account right-click menu
    • Auto Detect PC-Link
      • DLS 5 will now detect changes to COM port configurations and ask if PC-Link connection should use that port
    • Customer Feedback Survey
      • DLS 5 will now present users with the option to fill out a short Product Satisfaction Survey
    • Fixed Issue: Adding multiple key fobs
      • Fixed an issue seen when downloading multiple key fobs on the system

What's New in DLS 5 v1.62!

  • New Features
    • Includes support for the upcoming PowerSeries Neo LTE communicators
    • Added Windows 10 support
    • Added .NET Framework V4.6 (note that this removes support for Windows XP and Vista)

  • Changed Features
    • Added missing Door Chime PGM Attribute for PowerSeries Neo V1.3+
    • Improved display scaling at 4K resolution

What's New in DLS 5 v1.61!

  • New Features
    • PowerSeries Neo V1.3 control panels
    • PowerSeries Neo V5.0 integrated communicators
    • Adds capability to schedule firmware updates
    • IMPASSA V5.0 integrated communicators (DLS 5 International)

What's New in DLS 5 v1.6!

  • New Features
    • DLS IP look up – Allows query of SG-DRL5-IP (V1.02+) to retrieve last IP address of Internet/Dual communicators
    • Updated drivers to match PowerSeries Neo V1.14 defaults
    • GS4005/3G4005 Universal Communicator Support - Radio configuration & connection method for PowerSeries panels (DLS 5 International)
    • Adds 3G8080 communicator as supported connection method for PowerSeries Neo control panels (DLS 5 International)

What's New in DLS 5 v1.5!

  • New Features
    • Bulk programing firmware upgrade option
    • Firmware upgrade notification within the account
    • Ability to print selected account sections

  • New Support
    • SCW9057 Version 1.3
    • 3G4000/3G4010 Version 4.0

  • Performance Enhancement
    • Changes to the firmware upgrade connection method to server*
    • Improvements to make the account searches more efficient

∗Please note that in order to use the remote firmware upgrade functionality, the minimum version for DLS 5 downloading software should be version 1.5.

What's New in DLS 5 v1.4!

  • Synchronization Options
    • Option to program Downloading Access Code with global value (same value) for all existing and new accounts
    • Option to program Installer Code with global value (same value) for all the existing and new accounts
    • Option to program Downloading Access Code and/or Installer code to System Account Code for all existing and new accounts
    • Firmware upgrade encryption
    • Automatic database backup during DLS 5 upgrade
    • Export account search results to PDF

  • New Support
    • Optional support for Routine System Management (RSM) via license (Applicable only to Workgroup DLS 5).
    • Power Series Neo version 1.1
    • connection support

  • Performance Enhancement
    • Communications Improvements to auto detect panels over PC Link
    • Communications Improvements for VO/IP phone lines
    • Communications Improvements for faster detection of broken connection
    • Fixes to Template options that were not working
    • User interface improvements on WebSA System Administration software scheduling page

Version 1.4 will be displayed as a new update available for download within the DLS 5 application. This software version can also be downloaded from the website (Login required).

  • Routine System Management (RSM) for workgroup DLS 5 v1.40
    • DSC is pleased to announce the release of the new Routine System Management (RSM) for Workgroup DLS5 v1.40. RSM is an optional set of features that allows DLS operators to collect diagnostic data from installed Power Series Neo (v1.1 or higher) security systems. An RSM report can be generated with a summary of the system status, historical events, user patterns and hardware diagnostic data. In most cases, having this valuable information eliminates the need for an on-site visit, something which incurs extra expenses for the dealer and added cost for the end-user

  • Main Features
    • Automatic RSM inspections
    • Report generation
    • Ability to set frequency intervals for RSM inspections
    • RSM report history
    • RSM report results for “Pass” or “Service Required” status
    • Ability to approve or fail RSM reports
    • Ability to set a new baseline for system diagnostic values
    • Hardware diagnostics
    • Wireless device network diagnostics
    • Virtual monitor keypad mode for viewing the actions on the physical keypad on real-time
    • RSM operator permissions
    • Ability to export RSM report into XML or PDF file

What's New in DLS 5 v1.3!

  • Account Revision History
    • Keeps track of revisions created for an account when saved or communicated
    • Keeps track of data modified in each account revision
    • Rolls back to any previously created account revision
  • DLS Solution Permissions
    • Permission Manager is now called Operator Maintenance
    • Completely new and revamped set of permissions
    • Simplified and process driven procedure of permission management
    • Default role types with the option of ready-to-use, template attributes or create customize role based on your needs

Please Note: If multiple roles had been previously assigned to one user only the highest level role will be maintained.

  • Data Modification Indication
    • Highlight altered but not yet saved data
    • Highlight non-default data
  • Automatic Schedule Backup
    • Set date & time to automatically backup database when DLS 5 engine is running
  • Feedback Form Modification
    • Attach any type of file/image/video with your DLS 5 feedback
  • Workgroup Server Dynamic IP Support
  • Flash Utility Modified
    • Power v4.7 support added
  • Remote Firmware functionality
    • PowerSeries Neo panel/modules/communicator support added
  • Updated Tools Menu
  • New Support
    • IMPASSA version 1.30 (with support)
    • PowerSeries Neo (upcoming)
    • Optional licensed WEB SA Add on Support for Workgroup DLS
  • Performance Enhancement
    • Improved speed for continuous uploads
    • Improved load times
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Continuous communication for status monitoring from signature graphic page.
    • Connection Address status, the end point information is now shown in the communications status bar (the Phone Number, IP, or Comport)

What's New in DLS 5 v1.2!

  • Windows 8 & 8.1 Compatability Added
    • DLS 5 is now compatible with Windows 8 & 8.1 and will operate on PC based installs
  • Language FTP Support
    • Different languages are available for DLS! View and use the application in your own language! More language translations will be added in near future
  • Hybrid Modules
    • Add Keypad and Wireless as one product type.
  • Account Grid Simplification
    • Account Grid is now simplified to show both Account and Customer(s) name in one row
  • Feedback form Shortcut
    • Feedback form shortcut form is now available through Start Menu
  • Installed Update form added
    • Show installed engines/driver packs

What's New in DLS 5 v1.1!

  • Bulk Programming
    • One step programming to multiple panels using an easy programming wizard
  • Status Report
    • Summary report of system status at a given time
  • Scheduling
    • Customize your communications jobs to take place at a future time
  • Event Buffer Categories
    • Filter events in the event buffer based on different categories
  • Continuous Status Upload
    • Real-Time monitoring of the intrusion system
  • Programmed Data Search
    • Search for non-default programmed data in an account
  • Start Page Account Grid Improvement
    • Description, Last Communicated and Last Changed columns added in Start Page
  • Automatic Download Error Check
    • Automatically checks for errors and warnings before downloading
  • .NET 4.0 Framework Migration
    • DLS 5 v1.1 engine is now utilizing the Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework

Features in DLS 5!

  • Easy Installation
    • Just run an executable file (All of the prerequisites will be automatically downloaded)
  • Installation of different packages into one machine
    • Now DLS 5 Standalone, DLS 5 System Admin Standalone and BOSS Standalone can all be installed on one machine
  • Multiple View Support
    • Operate accounts in a view of your preference:
      • Standard View: All panel programming options are grouped together logically. i.e. all communications programming under "Communications".
      • Worksheet View: Programming options are grouped similar to the programming worksheet layout for panels.
      • System Admin View: Provides an end user overview of the panel, similar to how DLS SA displays options.
  • Separate System Administrator Package
    • A complete separate downloading software package solely designed for non-technical end users
  • SQLite Database
    • SQLite is an embedded database that uses lighter resources to improve performance and installation time.
  • Integrated Updater
    • No more separate updater installation. Engine updates and driver packs are available through the main software package.
  • DLS 2002 Import Utility
    • Transfer your accounts from DLS 2002 with a one step process
  • Database Restore Utility
    • Backup your database at your own convenience and restore it whenever needed! No more backing up and restoring your database using a complicated and lengthy process.
  • Overall account navigation improvement
    • Minimum horizontal and vertical scrolling. For some resolutions, scrolling will not even be required!
  • Signature Graphics improvement
    • Now view the icons and status within this page of modules enrolled on your system
  • Communication Status Bar improvement
    • A communication status bar has been moved to a location where it is easily monitored. No more seeing queuing jobs on the same page!
  • Automatic Panel and Communicator Detection
    • Allows you to automatically detect panels and communicators for unknown devices. This only applies to panels and communicators supported by DLS 5.
  • Absoluta Panel migration from DLS 5

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